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Ontario Cleaning Supply & Services using a commercial floor cleaner in a large facility.
Industrial Facility Cleaning Services, by Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services, Provides Professional Industrial Cleaning and Sanitation Services You Can Rely On.
To put it mildly, industrial cleaning is almost always a significant job. But frequent professional cleaning is essential if you want to keep an industrial building effective, productive, safe, and healthy. This is where Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services’ industrial cleaning services come into play. We are a full-service commercial janitorial business that can provide you with the superior industrial cleanliness you require. We meet the janitorial and cleaning requirements of commercial clients throughout Ontario. Our team members are skilled at maintaining industrial environments in a clean, sanitary, and safe manner at all times.

All types of industrial settings are well-known to our industrial janitorial and sanitation professionals. Our team is made up of seasoned experts who have met the cleaning requirements of countless industrial clients over the years. We are familiar with all aspects of crowded, frequently chaotic industrial facilities. We are also aware of how crucial efficiency is. You can rely on our talents and abilities when you require superior cleaning and maintenance services for any industrial commercial or industrial environment.
Cleaning revolving doors at a commercial environment for Ontario Cleaning Supply & Services
Cleaning floors for a commercial buiness in Ontario
Thurough commercial cleaning with Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services.
Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services is an organization with a strong reputation throughout Ontario. Our company is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a dependable industrial cleaning services contractor. Our team of cleaning and sanitation specialists is expert in working in a wide variety of industrial settings. Remote camps, mining facilities, office environments, medical facilities, schools, laboratories, retail spaces, restaurants, industrial ovens, exhaust systems, roof fans, walls, bathrooms, ventilators, and stacks can all be expertly cleaned, and we can accommodate your needs with cleaning light fixtures, break lounges, staff facilities, and more.
Safety, Health, and Full-Service Facility Care
Safety and health mean everything to the staff at Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services. We’re a trusted Green Seal Certified business that’s all about sustainability and treating the planet well. We enthusiastically abide by all ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) regulations, standards and guidelines. If you’re looking for a professional industrial cleaning service that’s 100 percent trustworthy and effective, look no further. We work hard to keep industrial facilities meticulously clean and safe for all and to secure a healthy environment for the people who spend significant amounts of time in industrial settings. 

Our industrial cleaning services assist in the eradication of illnesses that might impair productivity and success in industrial and commercial settings. Beyond the industrial production facility environment, our cleaning and sanitation professionals have a great deal of expertise in sanitizing a complete range of flooring materials and office cubicles, laboratories, and conference rooms. There is absolutely no industrial cleaning and sanitation project that we cannot complete.

If you’re looking for a well-known local business in Ontario that specializes in all-encompassing professional cleaning skills, Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services is here to help. To receive a customized industrial cleaning plan outline and quotation, contact us today. 

Safety is taken serisouly at Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services.
Sanitation spraying at a warehouse with Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services.


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