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Warehouse storage services for vendor managed inventory programs at Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services.


As you need it – we supply it.
For customers who need a regular supply of janitorial and sanitation products, Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services proudly offers dedicated Vendor-Managed Inventory programs.

With Vendor-Managed Inventory programs (often known as just-in-time service) our team manages your onsite inventories and makes sure that the cleaning and sanitation supplies you need are there, in your facility, when you need them.
With no need to issue purchase orders for each and every janitorial product item, Vendor-Managed Inventory programs at Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services save time and money, as well as space in your facility.

There is no need to have janitorial supply products take up valuable space. With Vendor-Managed Inventory, Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services will make sure your janitorial supply products are neither over- nor understocked.

Ontario warehouses with vendor managed inventory programs.
Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services have warehouses across Ontario for convenient vendor-managed inventory services.
Manage vendor managed inventory programs with ease and save space in your warehouses.
Because many of our clients don't want to warehouse janitorial inventory, our just-in-time/Vendor-Managed Inventory programs ensure efficiency and economy by saving purchasing agents the time it takes to manage supply inventories and providing cost/volume discounts on purchased supplies.

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