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Ontario commercial laundry services to help your business function smoother.
Choose Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services Commercial Laundry for Your Business Laundry Needs
Commercial washing services free up your company to concentrate on the customers and employees that are most important to your bottom line. Throughout the entire province, Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services is pleased to assist businesses of all shapes and sizes with their laundry needs. Our skilled laundry professionals can assist you whether you’re looking for a new laundry service or outsourcing your commercial laundry needs for the first time. We will work together with your firm to develop a strategy and price that will fundamentally alter the way your business approaches laundry. It’s your laundry, your way at Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services. To find out more, contact (705) 268-2021, or email us right away.

Ontario Commercial
Laundry Services

How your business manages its laundry and linen needs can be completely transformed by commercial laundry services from Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services. In order to meet the demands of your clients, staff members, or residents, we offer specialized plans. Try our free, contactless commercial laundry pickup service, where we pick up everything you need laundered, from uniforms to linens, and wash it at our commercial washing facility, utilizing environmentally friendly detergents to keep your laundry spotless while reducing wear and tear. To lessen our impact on the environment, we also utilize washers and dryers that use less water and electricity.
Ontario commercial laundry services for uniforms, linens, bedding and more.
Commercial laundry services in Ontario
Consider the initial and ongoing expenditures of doing your business’s own laundry. Commercial washers and dryers reduce the amount of time needed to wash large loads of towels, tablecloths, and other linens that a business requires, but the upfront expenses to buy and install this equipment can be high. Due to our long-standing position as a cleaning supply wholesaler and distributor, Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services has access to exceptional pricing on detergents and laundry equipment, which, in turn, help our clients make outsourcing their laundry a more affordable and convenient choice. Ontario Cleaning Supply and Services is here to help if you’re looking for efficient and affordable commercial laundry services in Ontario.

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